Ankarsrum/Westbo 30 (wood) 1
Ankarsrum/Westbo 30 (wood) 2
Ankarsrum/Westbo 30 (wood) 3
Ankarsrum/Westbo 30 (wood) 4
An ideal addition to any kitchen.

Ankarsrum/Westbo 30 (wood)

This space saving wood cooker is a nostalgic eye catcher - practical, useful and slim.

The stove can be used as a supplementary source of heat serve in your kitchen or as a an alternative, power free cooking plate. 

Available in two different versions:

- Ankarsrum - ornamented front.

- Westbo 30 - plain front.

The connection is possible upwards or backwards.

Ankarsrum30_M1(Front-Example) LOW-RES
Westbo Ankarsrum Einbau Bsp Behandladlow

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